Ezra David Romero / Valley Public Radio

This report is the second piece in the Valley Public Radio series "Common Threads: Veterans Still Fighting The War . " Support for this series comes from Cal Humanities, as part of the War Comes Home initiative. For many veterans returning home isn’t always an easy transition. A strong support system is usually necessary. As part of our series “Common Threads: Veterans Still Fighting The War”FM89s Ezra David Romero reports on a veteran’s love story and how that love compelled one man to leave...

UC Scientists Work To Bring Back The White Abalone

Aug 11, 2013
Amy Quinton / Capital Public Radio

If you live in California you’re probably familiar with abalone. The sea snails native habitat is along the California coast. For decades abalone fishermen have flocked to the shore to catch them. One abalone species has suffered the consequences of its tasty meat more than most. The white abalone is endangered almost to the point of extinction. But as Amy Quinton reports from Sacramento, UC Davis scientists think they’ve set the mood for its recovery. In the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory...