High-Speed Rail Authority

Will High Speed Rail Turn The Central Valley Into A Bay Area Bedroom Community?

Supporters of California’s ambitious High-Speed rail project are making a lot of big promises about what the line can achieve, everything from less greenhouse gas emissions to fewer cars on the road. One of the most far-reaching claims is the potential to revolutionize towns where there will be stations like Fresno and Merced. For more on the topic we spoke with a few experts this week on Valley Edition. Joining the conversation are Elizabeth Jonasson with the California High Speed Rail...
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Ezra David Romero

Quay Valley: Is Kings County Ready For A High-Tech Town?

Kings County is known for farmed products like cotton and milk, as well as prisons and the Naval Air Station in Lemoore. The rural county is home to four cities and dozens of small places like Kettleman City on Interstate 5. Now a Southern California group wants to build a brand new high tech town in this agricultural county. Many people who visit Kings County don’t even realize they’re there. That’s because they’re zooming by along Interstate 5 from Los Angeles to San Francisco. About half...
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New State Law to Bring Arsenic-Free Drinking Water to Tulare County Community

Many valley residents struggle to access drinking water—some don’t have enough, while others face contamination. Now, a new law allows the state to step in and help those in need. In its first success story, the law didn't just bring water to a community; it helped end a standoff with a neighboring city. It’s a sunny afternoon in Tulare County, and Reinelda Palma and Javier Medina are taking me on a tour of their neighborhood. They live in a small community called Matheny Tract, right on the...
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Courtesy of Don Henise / https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode

Dairymen Join Birders To Help Save The Tricolored Blackbird

Late last year the Tricolored Blackbird became a candidate for the California Endangered Species List. The population of the bird mostly native to the Golden State has plummeted making flocks harder and harder to find. Both bird enthusiasts and farmers are working to keep the colorful bird from extinction. On Steve Shehadey's dairy near Kerman he has over 7,000 cows. But it’s not just heifers and calves on this 5,000 acre farm. There are almond trees and fields of grain used for cattle feed,...
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Life In the Valley

Mai Der Vang

Interview And Poetry: Fresno Hmong-American Poet Mai Der Vang

Last week Fresno Hmong-American Poet Mai Der Vang was awarded one of the nation's most prestigious book awards. The Academy of American Poets selected Vang, 34, as this years recipient of the Walt Whitman Award. Each year the honor goes to an emerging writer to make possible the publication of their first book. In an interview with FM89, Vang says she was shocked by the news. VANG: “I was just thrilled. I actually asked if they could double check to make sure it was me.” The honor is for her...
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Ezra David Romero / Valley Public Radio

Young Artists Spotlight: Lindsay Guitars 2016

A group of 15 guitarists paid a visit to Young Artist Spotlight this week. The Lindsay High School Guitars, directed by Nancy Wills, is a top-notch group of high school musicians that perform around the region. The group is made up of beginning, intermediate and advanced guitarists.
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Inside FM89

Construction Update

Joe Moore / Valley Public Radio

VPR Construction Update: Carpet and Fixtures Are Being Installed

With the station's move-in date about a month away, workers are busy installing things like carpet, furnishings and acoustic treatments. On Wednesday March 16 crews began installing carpet in portions of the building, while the station's IT and radio engineering teams worked on outfitting the technology center with equipment racks and other gear. Sound rated doors have been installed in the studio spaces, and in the lobby, lighting and furniture have been installed. Check back soon for more...
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This week on Valley Edition: Measure C; Alex Ott For Fresno County Supervisor; Commuters

David Aus Joins FM89 Broadcast Team

Valley Public Radio listeners have likely noticed a new voice on the FM89 airwaves, that of David Aus. The station’s newest classical announcer, David can be heard regularly on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM, and Tuesdays from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM hosting Clearly Classical and other FM89 programs. David’s voice is familiar to many in the Fresno area. In addition to being an in-demand pianist, composer, arranger and educator, he also is a radio veteran, with nearly 10 years of...
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