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Drought And Beetle Infestation Killing California Forests

California’s drought is having a devastating effect on its forests. Aerial surveys around the state show more than 20 million dead trees so far. And the drought has a partner in crime – the pine beetle. As Amy Quinton reports from Sacramento, if this deadly combination continues it could drastically change California’s forested landscape. To understand the impact of the drought in the Sierra Nevada forests, one need only visit Al Anderson’s 800 acre ranch in Mariposa County. Loggers are busy...
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Jeffrey Hess/KVPR

City Leaders Imagine A Revitalized Blackstone Starting With A Bus

It’s one of the most maligned stretches of road in Fresno, Blackstone Avenue. With a reputation for being dangerous, unwelcoming, and rundown. But city leaders say they have a plan to fix it, and it starts with a bus. However, not everyone is convinced the avenue can be improved. It’s not hard to get a sense of what many people think of Blackstone Avenue. Just ask one simple question of people in Fresno: Would you take a walk down Blackstone? “No, because I don’t want to be considered as one...
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Ezra David Romero

Is The Drought Killing The Giant Sequoias?

The Giant Sequoias in the Sierra Nevada are one of America’s treasures. But for the first time in the parks history the trees are showing visible signs of exhaustion due to the drought: thin and browning leaves. Valley Public Radio’s Ezra David Romero hikes into one of the largest groves of Giant Sequoias and finds a crew of scientists rushing to gather data by scaling the monstrous trees. Anthony Ambrose is on the hunt in the Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park, but not for deer or wild...
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The “Almond Doctor” Says Salt Is Slowly Crippling California’s Almond Industry

By now most people know that almonds use a lot of water, about one gallon per nut. Most growers are relying on groundwater even more this year because their surface water has been cut off because of the drought. But as Valley Public Radio’s Ezra David Romero reports that brings a different problem all together, one that an “Almond Doctor” is trying to solve. Brothers Paul and David Parreira ship over 30 million pounds of almonds around the globe each year from Rpac Almonds south of Los Banos...
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HIV Infections In Fresno County Increase, Especially Among Youth

In 2010 President Barack Obama announced a new vision for HIV and AIDS where one day new infections in the country would be considered rare. “We believe that while HIV transmission rates in this country are not as high as they once were every new case is one case too many," he says. Obama’s plan aims to reduce new infections by 25% nationwide. But here in Fresno County, that’s not happening. In recent years, the county has seen an alarming number of new HIV and AIDS cases. Health officials...
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Ezra David Romero / Valley Public Radio

Valley Public Radio Breaks Ground On New Broadcast Center

On Tuesday May 19th, Valley Public Radio broke ground on construction a new broadcast center, which will serve the station and the San Joaquin Valley for decades to come. The 10,500 square foot building will be erected at the corner of Temperance and Alluvial in Clovis, at the city's research and technology park. Around 200 station supporters attended the ceremony, which marks the official start of construction on the $4.5 million project. Dignitaries included Clovis Mayor Nathan Magsig,...
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Pouring The Slab For Valley Public Radio's New Home

Work crews today poured concrete for the majority of the building's floor areas today. Workers used a giant concrete pump to distribute the wet concrete to different parts of the site and then used hand and power tools to level and smooth the surface. You may notice that some portions of the building don't yet have concrete floors, and that's by design. Those areas are acoustically isolated from the rest of the structure and will have special concrete floor areas to ensure sound doesn't...
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Valley Public Radio Launches New Website

Valley Public Radio is proud to announce the re-launch of, with a new “responsive design” that delivers a customized user experience tailored to your individual device. The new design also features a cleaner layout, easier navigation, and most importantly more space on the homepage for highlighting the station’s local content, as well as highlights from NPR. All current site content is retained with the new layout. The move is driven by the wide adoption of mobile devices in recent...
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Ezra David Romero / Valley Public Radio

My Valley, My Story: Rosa Garaby Has Lived Without Running Water For Five Years

Imagine going to your kitchen sink to wash dishes, but when you turn on the tap little or now water flows out. That's the reality in homes of many people across the Central Valley, especially as the historic drought worsens. As part of FM89's series My Valley, My Story featuring first person accounts from people throughout the San Joaquin Valley reporter Ezra David Romero visits the Madera County community of Chowchilla, where one family has lived without water for five years. "My first name...
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