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In House Majority Leader's Home District, Many Depend On Health Law He Wants To Scrap

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act first and replace it sometime later. That doesn't sit well with Victoria Barton, who lives in McCarthy's rural California district."It's like they dangled the carrot and now they're taking it away," said Barton, 38, of Bakersfield, an unpaid photographer and stay-at-home mother of two.Barton and her husband, a contract computer technician, had been uninsured for most of their adult lives. When Obamacare expanded...
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Just One Breath: Valley Fever

Casey Christie / The Bakersfield Californian

Accurate Valley Fever Counts Elude Health Officials

Estimates of the number of valley fever cases recorded by local, state and federal agencies vary so widely that they call into question the accuracy of the figures released to the public, a Center for Health Journalism Collaborative investigation has found. The finding comes during a critical year for valley fever, or coccidioidomycosis. In Kern County, California, public health officials declared an epidemic in October, predicting more than 2,000 cases in that county alone by year’s end. But...
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Local Authors

Armen Bacon / Fresno State

Armen Bacon Colors "Outside The Lines" With New Collection Of Essays

Author Armen Bacon joins Valley Public Radio's Joe Moore to talk about her new collection of essays, "My Name Is Armen Volume 2: Outside The Lines." Published by Fresno State, the new book finds Bacon telling stories about her life and the people she has met in Central California. Bacon will be among the local authors participating in a special "Bookhop" event on Thursday December 1 from 5:00-8:00 PM at Fresno's Arte Americas.
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Your Health

Craig Kohlruss / The Fresno Bee

Forecasting An Epidemic: Does Weather Hold The Key To Predicting Valley Fever Outbreaks?

When a punishing drought besieged California in the late 1980s, relief came with 30 days of rain in 1991 — dubbed the March Miracle because of how it revived the state’s agricultural economy. Those significant swings in the weather may have had another consequence, though. The next year, Kern County health officials counted more cases of valley fever than ever before, with roughly 3,342 diagnoses and 25 deaths. By contrast, a decade earlier in 1982, fewer than 200 people were diagnosed with...
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Ezra David Romero / Valley Public Radio

In Rural California, LGBT Seniors Often Are Forced Back Into The Closet

The reality of aging is a hard pill to swallow for anyone, but for the LGBT population in rural places it can be an even rougher experience. And as FM89’s Ezra David Romero reports getting older for LGBT seniors in Central California often means going back into the closet. Early this year Van Vanlandingham had surgery. For almost three months the 68-year-old rehabilitated in a nursing home in the South Valley town of Lindsay. The staff kept asking him what was his wife's name. "When I said...
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Image used courtesy of the Tejon Ranch

Bakersfield Remembers Christo's Umbrellas - 25 Years Later

Twenty-five years ago this fall, the hills of Kern County became the focus of the international art community, with the temporary installation of over a thousand giant yellow umbrellas along the Grapevine. Now, two decades later, while the umbrellas are long gone, the event remains fresh in the minds of many. FM89’s Joe Moore brings us this report, which first aired on FM89 in 2011. Today a trip on Interstate 5 from the San Joaquin Valley up the hill to LA might be a rather mundane drive,...
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Outdoorsy Podcast

Kerry Klein/Valley Public Radio

Outdoorsy 3: Take Fido The Next Time You Hit The Trail

In our last episode we brought you to Mono Hot Springs in Sierra National Forest. This time, we discuss hiking with dogs and we explore a not-so-visited grove of giant sequoias. In this episode we talk less about humans and more about our pets: specifically, dogs. Neither of us (Kerry or Ezra) has dogs but hiking with them looks like a lot of fun. Our friends also talk about how tough it can be to find dog-friendly hiking spots and to keep them safe. So this episode is all about where to take...
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Valley Public Radio

Valley Edition: November 29 - Fresno Heavy Industry; Armen Bacon; Doug Hansen; Outdoorsy

This week on Valley Edition Reporter Jeffrey Hess reports on a new vision for Southwest Fresno when it comes to heavy industry. We're also joined by Armen Bacon about her new book "My Name is Armen - Outside the Lines, volume II." We also hear from Doug Hansen about his children's book "California, the Magic Island." Ending the program KVPR reporters Ezra David Romero and Kerry Klein present the third installment of Outdoorsy. This time it's all about dogs.
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Mental Health & Community Violence

Stress, Sleeplessness, Anxiety: How Violence In The Valley Is Causing a Kind of PTSD

In the first part of a series on the health impacts of violence in the community, Valley Public Radio introduced you to the family of a mentally ill man fatally shot by police. His case is an extreme example but the mental and physical health impacts of violence can be seen in more subtle ways too. Now some people are now comparing violence in the valley with a well-known condition often connected to war. Joey Williams has spent nearly his entire life living in east Bakersfield. In that time,...
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Betty Wang-Garcia / Valley Public Radio

Valley Public Radio Celebrates Ribbon Cutting On New Building

Several hundred station supporters, community partners, and listeners gathered in Clovis on Wednesday to celebrate the ribbon cutting ceremony for the station's new broadcast center. After spending the last 40 years as a tenant of various buildings that were either too small, out of date, or not well suited to the unique needs of a public radio station, Valley Public Radio finally has a permanent home. The new 10,000 square foot broadcast center was constructed on time and under budget. It...
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