Madhusudan Katti

Commentary: Sexism In Science Is No Funny Joke

Jul 27, 2015
Madhusudan Katti

A controversy has erupted over an attempted joke by a Nobel prize winning scientist at the 2015 World Conference of Science Journalists held in South Korea last June. It turns out that Science, like the rest of society, has a problem of sexism. In this segment of The Moral Is, Fresno State biology professor Dr. Madhusudan Katti confronts the pervasive everyday sexism in science and challenges the institutions of science to address the structural barriers and cultural climate that keep women out of science.

Commentary: Measles In The Magic Kingdom

Mar 25, 2015
Madhusudan Katti

Amid growing fears of epidemics from new and emerging infectious diseases, the US is also seeing old diseases like measles and whooping cough make a comeback. In this segment of FM89's commentary series The Moral Is, Fresno State biology professor Madhusudan Katti discusses the difficult moral choices facing parents worried about their children, and how science and public policy can help them.

“Have you traveled to West Africa in the past three months?” If you’ve seen your doctor in recent months, you probably have been asked this question.

Madhusudan Katti

College may prepare students for good careers, but these days, it also pushes many already poor students into lifelong debt. In this segment of FM89’s Commentary Series The Moral Is, Fresno State biology professor Dr. Madhusudan Katti asks how much American society truly values university education?


Commentary: Do We Have More Morality Than An Asteroid?

Aug 20, 2014
Madhusudan Katti

For many, climate change is still and unsettled issue.  Yet it is indisputable that throughout its long history, our planet Earth has undergone major species-destroying transformations.  We know this through a reading of the paleontological record that documents dramatic transformations over billions of years.  In this edition of The Moral Is, Professor Madhusudan Katti of Fresno State’s Biology Department explores whether, as a result of industrialization, we are yet again at another planet-altering brink.


Madhusudan Katti

Despite enduring a lifetime of oppression, Nelson Mandela transformed his nation by seeking reconciliation with his oppressors rather than retribution. In this week’s edition of The Moral Is, Fresno State Biology Professor Madhusudan Katti wonders whether the power of reconciliation as a moral principle might save us all from the damage humanity is inflicting on our planet and ourselves.


With the passing of Nelson Mandela last month, we lost one of the strongest needles in humanity’s moral compass.

Madhusudan Katti

America was once the scientific “City on the Hill”, investing its resources and its capital to improve the world’s physical, social and cultural infrastructure.  But in the 21st century America seems to have lost its moral compass in this regard.  In this week’s edition of The Moral Is, Fresno State Biology Professor Madhusudan Katti calls on all Americans to rekindle the commitment that for so long maintained America’s scientific dominance that served humanity so well.

This is a peculiar moment to be a scientist in America.

Madhusudan Katti

As global concerns about climate change continue to grow, could it be that our basic human nature is part of the problem? In this segment of FM89’s series of commentaries known as The Moral Is, Fresno State Biology Professor Madhusudan Katti suggests that our planet Earth will not accommodate our human frailties as much as we must adapt to its changing dynamics.


We humans are aggressively territorial, willing to defend what’s ours against all comers. By no means the only territorial species, we are surely the most extreme.

Madhusudan Katti

The recent collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh has highlighted the globalized nature of today's apparel industry. On this edition of Valley Public Radio's commentary series The Moral Is, Fresno State professor Madhusudan Katti says that it's time we look at the true cost of fast fashion.


Are my hands clean?

Commentary: Time To Turn Off Our Sprinklers, Fresno

Feb 19, 2013
Madhusudan Katti

The San Joaquin Valley’s communities and farms all blossomed our of a desert landscape thanks to available water supplies. But with an increasing population, and global warming, how we use this most precious resource is becoming more and more important. In this edition of FM89’s commentary series "The Moral Is", Fresno State biology professor Madhusudan Katti says it’s time for us to turn off our sprinklers.

The subject of trash has dominated Fresno headlines in recent months. In addition to the controversy over the privatization of residential solid waste service in the City of Fresno,  a recent online post by National Geographic cites Fresno as a nationwide leader recycling. But what if Fresno’s current recycling rate of 73 percent were 100 percent? On this week’s edition of the commentary series The Moral Is, Fresno State Biology professor Madhusudan Katti says we should look to Sweden as an example.

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