11:06 am
Tue January 22, 2013

Kettleman City Residents Work to Reduce Diesel Pollution

Maria Saucedo, left, and Anna Martinez, both community organizers with Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, monitor diesel idling "hot spots" in Kettleman City.
Rebecca Plevin Valley Public Radio

Anna Martinez was standing on a street corner in the tiny farmworker community of Kettleman City when she heard the familiar sound of a truck engine roaring to life.

She pointed to a diesel truck parked on a lot next to three others. The lot was just one block from State Route 41, and another block or so from a huge agricultural field.

“We’ll see how long he’s going to idle,” said Martinez, a community organizer with Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice. “He’s just now starting his truck - see all the emissions and black smoke.”

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