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9:43 am
Tue September 17, 2013

Geronimo's Story: Valley Teen Torn Between Gangs And Grades

Manny Castro, left, encourages Geronimo Garcia, right, to pursue a life beyond gangs and drugs.
Andrew Nixon Capital Public Radio

From a young age, Geronimo Garcia wore a uniform to school: high socks, shorts and a white T-shirt.

It wasn’t a school requirement. Rather, it was an older brother requirement.

“They used to dress me up like a little gangster,” Geronimo says. “To me I always thought that was cool, but you know, as I think of it now, I don’t think that was cool when I was young. Come on, looking at a little kid dressed up in gangster?”

Since then, his clothing has determined who he hung out with at school.

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