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On Valley Edition: Valley Professionals Struggle to Find Work; Breaking Up California

Jul 12, 2011

Segment 1: Valley Professionals Struggle to Find Work - Among the groups hit the hardest in the economic downturn are business professionals. From April 2010 to April 2011 the business and professional sectors in Fresno County lost 1,800 jobs. Host Juanita Stevenson reports on how some Valley professionals are looking to re-enter the workforce and having success finding work. Guests include Ginny Burdick, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Community Hospitals of Central California; Cathy Frost, President, Bennett Frost Personnel Services and Dr. Ernie Goss of The Goss Institute for Economic Research.

Segment 2: Breaking Up California
Every few years, a new proposal suggests "breaking up" the Golden State into several smaller states. This week, one Riverside County lawmaker is advancing his idea to create a new state of "South California" which would include San Diego, Orange County and much of the San Joaquin Valley. "California Crackup" Author Mark Paul joins us to talk about what he thinks this proposal would mean for the state and the Valley.

Segment 3: CSU Summer Arts
In our "around town" segment, Juanita Stevenson talks with CSU Summer Arts director Jim Spaulding about what's in store for the final year of Summer Arts at Fresno State.