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Valley Edition: Feb 25 - Undocumented Health Care; Rogue Fest

Feb 26, 2014

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This week on Valley Edition we hear a story about how Fresno County Supervisors want a judge to release the county from its obligation to provide health care services to those in the country illegally. We also hear another segment in our series "Voices of the Drought" and find out why the lack of rain is actually helping one local business. We also talk to Joe Mathews of Zocalo Public Square about an upcoming event in Fresno that celebrates the spirit of local grassroots arts events like Art Hop and the Rogue Festival. Amy Querin, who is one of the producers of the latter joins us to talk about what's in store for the Rogue this year. And we close our program with a talk about a nearly forgotten part of the San Joaquin Valley's role in automotive racing history - Marchbanks Speedway. Logan Molen, a racing historian from Bakersfield joins us to talk about the rise and fall of the first NASCAR super speedway on the west coast.