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Mosquitoes Have Fresno County Health Officials On High Alert

May 20, 2014

Two different types of mosquitoes – one that carries West Nile Virus and another that can spread dengue and yellow fever have Fresno County health officials on high alert.

The county says a crow reported earlier this month tested positive for West Nile Virus. Officials have also detected the presence of another invasive mosquito species that can spread potentially serious tropical diseases. In severe cases, the more serious symptoms stemming from these diseases can lead to death.

David Luchini is the assistant director for the county’s Department of Public Health.

This invasive type of mosquito was first detected in California and Fresno County last summer.
Credit Fresno County Department of Public Health

“This year we have the double threat in a sense that we’re dealing with the mosquitoes that carry West Nile Virus for over ten years in Fresno County and last year we have a new mosquito species that popped up and it’s already shown its face this year it’s called Aedes Aegypti.”

He says unlike the mosquito that carries West Nile Virus, which typically attacks at dawn and dusk, this type of mosquito is a day-biter, and often bites indoor. Since the mosquito can lay eggs in any open container with water in it, officials are asking people to help contain the spread by dumping or draining containers.

Luchini says there have been no reports of illnesses linked with this mosquito, but urges residents to contact the Consolidated Mosquito Abatement District if they are bitten by a mosquito during the day.

For more information, visit the county’s public health website at