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In the Mode: February 16, 2014

Feb 16, 2014

This time on In the Mode, hear music by Heinrich Schütz. He "created a new style of music after studying in Venice with Gabrieli and Monteverdi, a combination of his German experience with the Italian, and he influenced his countrymen Samuel Scheidt and Johann Hermann Schein with this new style. They were friends, with similar musical beginnings, Schein excelled in the madrigal style, Scheidt was more important as organist." 


Tapestry - Paramount Brass - Centaur 2355

SCHEIN, Israel’s Brünnlein - Cantus Cölln - dhm 77359

Harmony of the Spheres - The Rose Ensemble -

German Music for Viols and Harpsichord - Les Filles de Sainte-Colombe - Classic Masters 1013

The Motets of Heinrich Schütz - Chorus of Emmanuel Music - KOCH 7085