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Judge Rules In Favor of Current Death Penalty Ballot Language

Aug 13, 2012

California voters won’t see much change in the language of Proposition 34. A judge sided with those who want to repeal the death penalty that the November ballot language is not misleading.

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley upheld his previous decisions on the death penalty ballot measure. He ruled that the ballot’s title and summary written by the state’s attorney general is not misleading. But he did order one slight change in the ballot’s arguments about savings that would result from eliminating the death penalty.

Jeanne Woodford and other proponents of the repeal are calling the ruling a victory. 

"We are very pleased with today’s ruling, it’s abundantly clear that proposition 34 will save California taxpayers $130 million every year and these are real savings at a time when the police and firefighters and schools face budget cuts."

Sacramento District Attorney Jan Scully and the state prosecutors’ association had challenged the wording. Scully says despite the ruling, she was pleased the judge labeled some of the ballot language opinion and hyperbole.