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Johnson: Ditch The Blame Game In California's Drought

May 26, 2015

Nathanael Johnson's op-ed in the LA Times
Credit LA Times

California's drought isn't just a water shortage. It's also an event that has highlighted the political, cultural and economic divides that make up the Golden State in the 21st century.

The one common thread? Everyone wants to find someone to blame. Urban residents in San Francisco blame "greedy" San Joaquin Valley farmers. San Joaquin Valley farmers blame Bay Area "extreme" environmentalists. And Southern California groups blame political gridlock in Sacramento on such key issues as building more water storage and "fixing" the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta. 

So what's a Californian to do? Grist journalist Nathanael Johnson recently asked that question in an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, saying it's time for the state to move beyond the blame game in California's drought. He joined us on Valley Edition to talk about why he thins both urban and rural water users all need to accept some responsibility and work to find  solutions that will make the state a better place.