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Interview: Omar Nare Says "Nuevo Mariachi Is A New Way Of Thinking"

Apr 11, 2017

Central Valley Musician Omar Nare is known for pioneering what’s called “nuevo mariachi.” It's a music genre that mixes traditional mariachi music and sophisti-pop music; a blend of jazz, soul and pop.


Omar Nare

"Nuevo mariachi is third generation, a new way of thinking," Nare says. "We've adapted to being in this culture, but still maintain our traditions."


Nare says the genre he’s created is all about living in two worlds -- two types of music and being Mexican and American. To show those two worlds he’s having a concert later this month called “Sin Mi Mujer Quien Soy” in Visalia.


"The best [mariachi] singers had passed away or had retired, the best writers had passed away or had retired," Nare says." There's really no kind of energy in the professional world of mariachi right now. . . That was the beginning. I started really thinking about that and that's what motivated me to put together this project."


Nare says nuevo mariachi is  inspired by artists like Sade and Sting. "They kind of taught me to write cultured pop music and so when I bring in mariachi traditions I'm taking mariachi rhythms and ideas, but I'm blending it with sophisti-pop. It's very California."


The show later this month at Cafe 210 in Visalia will feature three artists as well dancers. He says the show is inspired by his wife. "I've realized over the years that there's really nothing that I can do without my wife," says Nare.


Show Details:

WHAT: “Sin Mi Mujer Quien Soy”
WHERE: Cafe 210 in downtown Visalia
WHEN: Friday April 21 at 7:30 PM
TICKETS: $25 and can be purchased at