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High Speed Rail Systems Team Up to Pursue Trains

Jan 17, 2013

A computer rendering of California's planned high speed train system.
Credit California High Speed Rail Authority

The California High Speed Rail Authority will work with Amtrak to seek out manufacturers of high speed trains. As Amy Quinton reports from Sacramento, the two systems hope by teaming up they can lower costs.

 Amtrak and the California High Speed Rail Authority say by working together they hope to advance high speed projects on both the east and west coast.

Amtrak is looking to eventually purchase 32 trains for its east coast system, and California is hoping to acquire 27 trains that operate 220 miles per hour. California

High Speed Rail Authority CEO Jeff Morales says a partnership could do more than just lower pricing from manufacturers.

“I think our shared goal is to make sure that as we move our programs forward, we develop a high speed rail industry here in the United States, as well as provide high speed rail service. We want to see this become the next aerospace industry,” says Morales.

California’s $68 billion high speed rail system has come under fire from members of Congress who say it’s too expensive. Both systems will begin seeking bids by September.