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Health Benefit Exchanges Picks 'California Covered' As New Name

Oct 30, 2012

The board of the California Health Benefit Exchange has approved a new name and logo for the health insurance marketplace that will expand coverage under the federal health law.

Planners decided on “Covered California” after months of testing and consideration.

“I have a whole raft of staff that are saying, ‘Finally, I can get a business card," said Peter Lee, Executive Director of the Exchange, which is now known as ‘Covered California.’

He said planners used focus groups to come up with a name that resonated with a diversity of Californians.

“Seventeen percent had heard about a thing called exchange but we are going to have a much better outreach with a name that actually conveys what we’re doing," said Lee.

‘Covered California’ is still in development. Planners hope the online marketplace will help millions buy affordable coverage starting January 2014.