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Goal? Fresno Scores Professional Soccer Team

Jul 26, 2017

Professional soccer is coming to Fresno. The creation of the Fresno Football Club was officially announced at Chukchansi Park Wednesday 

The Fresno Fire Squad fan club was on hand today to celebrate the creation of a new professional team playing in the United Soccer League.

Team owner and luxury car dealer Ray Beshoff says Fresno has demonstrated that there is a market for soccer through its support for the amateur teams, the Fuego and the Freeze.

“I think there is a desire in Fresno for professional sports. That is one of the reasons I did this. I used to come Fresno for the Mercedes dealership and no sports. Triple-A baseball but not basketball. So I thought ‘you know what? This will be good’,” Beshoff says.

Starting 2018, Fresno FC will play its 16 home games at Chukchansi Park, for at least two years.

Beshoff says when it is all said and done, starting the team could cost as much as $15 million.

The announcement excites Jeremy Lee, who is a member of the Fresno Fire Squad.

“Because we have shown them that this is the most fun thing to do in Fresno. More and more people are coming to each match. The Squad keeps growing and it will continue to grow,” Lee says.

Team officials say they are exploring affiliations with Major League Soccer teams. The USL has 32 teams nationwide in cities like Sacramento and Cincinnati.