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Despite Prop 30, Fees Could Rise For Some CSU Students

Nov 8, 2012

Despite the passage of the tax initiative Proposition 30, some California State University students could see their tuition go up. As Amy Quinton reports from Sacramento, the CSU Board of Trustees will make its decision next week.

The proposal would increase fees on students who accumulate more course work than they need to graduate, or more than their major requires. And it would charge students who repeat courses. Assistant Vice Chancellor Eric Forbes says the changes are needed to improve access for new students.

“All of this is about making students more aware and helping them secure the classes they need to graduate, in the order they need to take them, to finish on time,” says Forbes.

Kim Geron is Vice President of the California Faculty Association, which opposes the changes.

“It’s punishing students who should not be punished who are trying to do the right thing and graduate, nobody is lingering in a CSU right now. It’s too expensive to linger,” says Geron.

He says most of the problems are a direct result of budget cuts.