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CSU Board of Trustees Delays Decision On Student Fee Increase

Nov 13, 2012

California State University leaders have delayed a vote on a proposal to increase student fees.

The proposal would charge extra fees on so-called “super seniors,” students who take more courses than required, and course repeaters. Governor Brown asked the CSU Board of Trustees to postpone the vote.

"Let’s measure up to the expectation of the voters, and that means getting out of our comfort zone – whether we’re trustees or faculty or administrators or students or anyone else.  The taxpayers got out of their comfort zone, so we have to follow suit,” said Brown. 

But Trustees also heard from upset students. Miles Nevin is with the California State Student Association.

“We’ve been engaged in this conversation for a couple of months now. I think what this means is that they will continue to talk to us and that they’re now recognizing that some of the issues students have brought up are going to be considered even more should they place this back on the agenda.”

Nevin says CSU administrators told students tuition would not increase if the Governor’s tax initiative, Proposition 30, passed. The University of California Board of Regents has also postponed its vote on professional degree tuition increases at Brown’s request.