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Brown's Updated Budget Proposal: More Money to Schools, But Not Much Else

May 14, 2013

California Governor Jerry Brown is proposing an updated budget that he says is balanced, solid and maintains fiscal discipline against efforts to restore years of deep budget cuts.
Credit Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

California Governor Jerry Brown has released an updated budget proposal that includes more money for schools this year, and less overall spending next year. 

His spending plan for the fiscal year that starts in July includes about $1.3 billion less than his January proposal.  Brown says the state’s economic picture has weakened due to the federal sequester and the federal payroll tax change.

“We have climbed out of a hole with a Proposition 30 tax. That is good, but this is not the time to break out the champagne,” says Brown.

The Governor’s budget includes about $3 billion in unexpected money for the current fiscal year, most of which would go to schools.  Brown wants to give schools with the most English-language learners and low-income students additional money:

“If you spray it over the whole six million kids, they’ll hardly notice it.  If you concentrate it, as my formula does, you can make some dramatic improvements in areas that really we’ve neglected,” says Brown.

“I believe in this formula.  I believe it’s just.  It’s crucial for the well being of our future and I’m going to do everything I can to get it.”

Brown says there isn’t enough money to restore cuts made to other programs over the past few years, though he does include more money for counties to continue implementing his prison realignment program.