Valley Writers Read submission guidelines

Valley Writers Read announces its 23rd season of airing original works of Central California authors read by either the author or an experienced reader.  You are invited to submit your literary prose, either serious or humorous, for inclusion in next year’s award-winning series of radio programs, which will be aired during 2015 on Valley Public Radio KVPR-Fresno (FM89.3) and KPRX-Bakersfield (FM89.1).  Material must be postmarked by May 31, 2014.  Results will be announced by mail about a month later.  Valley Public Radio reserves the exclusive right to choose the material used.


  • Material should be suitable for general audiences. It can be fiction or non-fiction.
  • We do not accept children's stories
  • Our preference is to use general fiction over genre writing.
  • There is no limit as to themes or topics, but the material needs to be handled tactfully.
  • No gratuitous sex or profanity.


  • We have found that the way a story is read is indeed very important to its success on the air; consequently, you do not have to read your story on the air if you prefer not to. 
  • While we prefer authors to read their own work, we will decide whether you or one of a number of top-notch readers we have available will be asked to interpret your story in order to give each piece its best chance at a maximum impact. 


  • The minimum length of your story when read out loud should be about 30 minutes. Please don't make them longer than 40 minutes -- that's about 5,000 words or 16-18 typed, double-spaced pages. If you're not sure about the length of your story, read it out loud and time yourself. 
  • Please select one story to submit. No story collections or novels. 
  • Send to Valley Writers Read, 3437 W. Shaw Avenue, Suite 101, Fresno, CA 93711
  • Be sure to include your address and phone number. 
  • If your story is selected, and you want to read it yourself, we may ask you to submit a recording (homemade is fine) of 5-10 minutes to gauge your reading ability. This recording will not be used on the air. Also, please enclose a short (150 word) resume describing your writing background and major publishing credits. 


  • Author should currently reside or have lived in Valley Public Radio's coverage area.
  • Author should have at least one literary fiction story (not necessarily the story submitted) accepted for publication by a recognized literary magazine - or have been recommended.
  • Author must be willing to sign a release allowing the material to be aired and granting non-exclusive rights to White Ash Broadcasting, Inc. (dba Valley Public Radio) for non-commercial use of the material and recording, with no renumeration or infringement of other copyrights. For more information, please contact Don Weaver at Valley Public Radio (800) 275-0764, ext. 23 or e-mail