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Oscar G Williams

This week on Valley Public Radio's Valley Writers Read, we hear a story by local author Oscar G. Williams titled “Bucket List." Read by Don Weaver, the story is about a list of four activities the children and grandchildren of two well-to-do 65 year old twins come up with for their grandparents to enjoy in their old age – golfing, skiing, motorcycling, and jumping out of airplanes at 10,000 feet.

This week on Valley Writers Read, Oscar G. Williams reads “It's Coming.”  A science fiction story.  A very strange object in outer space is headed our way, and the astronomers decide it's a huge black hole which has a good chance of colliding with our galaxy.  So all the nations start building spacecraft in hopes of saving humanity if what's out there dislodges the earth from its regular orbit.

"Called" and "Scamming" on Valley Writers Read

Mar 6, 2013

This week on Valley Writers Read, we hear works by two San Joaquin Valley writers.  In our first story, "Called",  Bakersfield author Jack Hernandez tells us how he originally wanted to become a minister, and about the interesting path that he eventually followed. In our second story, Fresno author Oscar G. Williams tells us about Fred and Mildred, two computer wizards who have figured out how to scam the scammers.

Oscar G. Williams' "Harassment" on Valley Writers Read

Sep 9, 2011

On this edition of Valley Writers Read, Oscar G. Williams tells his thrilling story of an office manager named Paul, who has a scheme to defraud the company by having his secretary file a harassment claim. Together, they plan to take the money and run away to Europe, but his wife has other ideas.