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Kaye Bonner Cummings

Commentary: Music Is Important For Every Age And Generation

Feb 10, 2015

Music connects people with the deepest part of their being, both for the young and the old, bringing joy, and many other benefits. In this edition of The Moral Is, Kaye Bonner Cummings of the Bonner Family Foundation of Fresno champions music for every age and generation.

Commentary: Schooling in the 21st Century

Nov 19, 2013

Schooling in the 21st century will look quite different than that of the past.  In this edition of Valley Public Radio’s The Moral Is, Kaye Cummings, Executive Director of the Bonner Family Foundation, explores the changes in curriculum and teachers’ delivery that must occur to meet the needs of the students and the society of the 21st century.


Commentary: New Curriculum Needs to Focus On the Arts

Apr 11, 2013

Later this year, when students return to the classroom after summer break, they’ll be greeted by a new curriculum that aims to replace the goals of No Child Left Behind. On this edition of Valley Public Radio’s commentary series “The Moral Is” Kaye Bonner Cummings says this presents a great opportunity to put the arts back in education.


Last year, America’s pharmaceutical companies invested nearly $50 billion in research for new drugs, to treat diseases from hepatitis to depression. On this edition of The Moral Is, commentator Kaye Bonner Cummings says that despite those massive investments, new research is calling into question our reliance, or perhaps our over reliance, on prescription medication.

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