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Judy Ryan

"Double Plots" by Judy Ryan on Valley Writers Read

Feb 25, 2015

This week on Valley Writers Read we hear a story titled “Double Plot” by Judy Ryan. Listen for a moving story about love and loss over the decades. 

Judy Ryan's "Whistle Stop" on Valley Writers Read

Jan 8, 2014

Judy Ryan reads “Whistle Stop.”  It's a story about Jennifer who for years didn't want to talk but only whistled.  She got pregnant, ran away from home, gave her baby up for adoption, and finally decided to look for her grandparents.  That's when she thought she found her grandfather—who really wasn't.  

Judy Ryan's "Little Fire" on Valley Writers Read

Aug 1, 2012

On this week's edition of Valley Writer's Read, hear a reading of Judy Ryan's "Little Fire", and hear how a young girl comes of age and questions the origins of her unusual name.