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Jim Ashford

Jim Ashford's "Ridge Runner" on Valley Writers Read

Mar 31, 2016

This week on Valley Writers Read we hear a program from our archives featuring local author Jim Ashford reading his story "Ridge Runner."

On Valley Writers Read: Jim Ashford's 'Country Roads'

Feb 19, 2014

This week on Valley Writers Read we hear a story by Fresno author Jim Ashford titled "Country Roads." Back in high school, Tom Carson fought off some bullies who were after Billy Slurd.  So that when Billy passed away, he left Tom a present-- a magic 1956 Ford Thunderbird that turned into a time machine.  When you tuned in the radio, all you could hear is 1956 radio talk –  Al Radka carries on about Mrs. Winterbottom and KYNO broadcasts of the Fresno Cardinals.

Jim Ashford's "Serengeti" on Valley Writers Read

Jan 16, 2013

Valley author Jim Ashford reads his story, "Serengeti", about a wealthy and alcohol-loving man who spends thousands of dollars going on safari in Africa to hunt and shoot wild animals so they can be displayed in a trophy room. 

Jim Ashford's "Mayday! Mayday!" on Valley Writers Read

Sep 11, 2012

On this edition of Valley Writers Read, we hear local author Jim Ashford read his short story "Mayday! Mayday!" In this story, you'll hear how a visitor from outer space is attracted to earth by an unfortunate arrangement of yard lights.

Jim Ashford's "Capitol Follies" on Valley Writers Read

Sep 28, 2011

This week, on Valley Writers Read, author Jim Ashford recalls many amusing and entertaining anecdotes that he experienced as legal counsel for California's legislature for 30 years with his short story "Capitol Follies".