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Jacques Benninga

Commentary: Educators Need To Do Better

May 1, 2015
Fresno State

We expect professionals who serve our community to exhibit not only high standards of technical expertise, but also to treat their clientele with respect. Such minimal expectations were contradicted by recent violations of professional behavior in our local schools. In this edition of The Moral Is, Jacques Benninga, professor of Education at Fresno State, decries a low standard of educator ethics in recent headline-making news stories.

Fresno State / Jacques Benninga

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ruled in a case called Vergara vs. California that California education statues related to teacher tenure violate the equal protection laws of students, essentially depriving students of effective teachers by failing to remove ineffective teachers from classrooms.  In this week’s edition of The Moral Is, Fresno State education professor Dr. Jacques Benninga explores the teacher evaluation controversy and its reasonable implications.


One of the latest political footballs in 2014 is in the world of education and specially the new curriculum that many states have adopted, including California. But beyond the concerns of those of some on the right that Common Core is a federal takeover of education, others are asking different questions. In this edition of Valley Public Radio's commentary series The Moral Is, Fresno State Education Professor  Jack Benninga says all the focus on learning process may leave some important gaps for our students. 


Commentary: News That Reinforces Biases Fails Democracy

Mar 25, 2014

There is so much information available to us these days, much written by agencies and entities with unreliable records of objectivity and accuracy, that making informed decisions becomes ever more confusing. In this edition of FM89's commentary series The Moral Is, Dr. Jacques Benninga of Fresno State’s School of Education ponders the fidelity of information-deluge on citizens’ abilities to make important decisions.


Over the past several weeks, we’ve watched as Edward Snowden, the NSA analyst accused of releasing classified government information, escaped to Russia in an attempt to find asylum.  Now that his immediate future has been settled, Fresno State professor Jacques Benninga explores the moral implications of his actions in this segment of FM89’s commentary series The Moral Is.


Each Spring district offices and school boards decide who will lead their schools for the following academic year.  Many schools will receive new principals.  In this version of The Moral is, Dr. Jacques Benninga of Fresno State’s School of Education writes that often such important decisions have little research to back them up.


New educational standards that take effect in 2014 promise to replace the much maligned approach of No Child Left Behind with a focus on comprehension and understanding.  While the benchmarks have educators excited, Jacques Benninga says the focus on reading and mathematics shouldn't eclipse teaching the fundamentals of American democracy.

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The issue of teen binge drinking has been front of mind for many Valley residents since the tragic death of Fresno State freshman earlier this year. The 18 year-old Garces High graduate following a night of drinking at at off-campus fraternity house. On this week’s edition of the commentary series, The Moral Is, Fresno State professor Jacques Benninga says that the old saying that teens over 18 should be treated like adults is part of the problem.