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Jack Benninga

Fresno State

The world’s faith in democratic ideals has been shaken by recent events in Paris and other locations throughout the world.  A commitment to democratic ideals and precautionary measures were simultaneously debated.  In this edition of the commentary series The Moral Is, Jacques Benninga, professor of Education at Fresno State, argues that short-term constrictive reactions, though perhaps necessary, will not be as effective in curbing reactionary behaviors as will be well planned long-term solutions that reinforce democratic values.

Fresno State

America’s public schools have been called a laboratory for society.  In this edition of FM89’s commentary series The Moral Is, Jacques Benninga of Fresno State’s School of Education says that if that’s the case,  teachers have responsibilities that go far beyond promoting academic achievement.


Commentary: The Problem with Universal Preschool

Mar 19, 2013

There’s a lot of talk about the importance of “high quality preschool.” But are politicians and the tax-paying public willing to foot the bill? On this edition of FM89’s commentary series The Moral Is, Fresno State education professor Jack Benninga says this new effort may fail if it’s not properly funded.