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FBI Affidavit: State Senator Took Bribes in Undercover Sting Operation

Nov 1, 2013
Ben Adler / Capital Public Radio

An undercover FBI agent poses as a Hollywood executive to lure an elected official into taking bribes for legislation.  It sounds like a story Hollywood could have made itself – but in fact, it’s the story laid out in an affidavit that’s sent shockwaves through the California state Capitol.  Ben Adler reports from Sacramento.

This TV report from Wednesday night is the first big development in the case since the FBI raided Democratic State Senator Ron Calderon’s Capitol office earlier this year.

FBI Raids Two Offices at Capitol

Jun 5, 2013
Katie Orr / Capital Public Radio


The Senate’s Chief Sergeant-at-Arms has clarified that the second office searched in addition to Calderon’s Capitol office also belonged to the senator.  That office had previously been identified as belonging to the Latino Legislative Caucus.

The Sergeant-at-Arms attributed the confusion to an outdated list of room numbers.  Calderon’s auxiliary office and the Latino Legislative Caucus are both across the street from the Capitol in the Legislative Office Building.