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This week on Valley Writers Read, we hear the works of two local authors. The first story, Joe Hemphill's "A Good Ending to a Story", describes a man with cerebral palsy who refuses to resume his physical therapy. And in the second story, Bill McDougle's "Bertha in Stillwell", the life of a woman named Bertha is chronicled as she grows up in Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl era.  

On this edition of Valley Writers Read, local author Janet Nichols Lynch reads her story Racing California. Join us as we hear about an avid bicyclist contemplates turning pro.

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Local photographer Joel Pickford's new book "Soul Calling: A Photographic Journey Through The Hmong Diaspora" is an intimate look into the world of the Hmong people.


Homer Joy, the songwriter behind the Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakam hit “The Streets of Bakersfield” has died. Joy was a talented performer in his own right, and a leading figure in the so-called Bakersfield Sound movement of country music.  

Owens’ own recording of The Streets of Bakersfield in the 1970’s went largely unnoticed, but his 1988 remake with Yoakam hit number one on the Billboard music country charts.

On this edition of Valley Writers Read, we hear local author Jim Ashford read his short story "Mayday! Mayday!" In this story, you'll hear how a visitor from outer space is attracted to earth by an unfortunate arrangement of yard lights.

This week on Valley Writers Read, we hear a story titled "Inner Beauty" by local author Susan Norman. Listen and hear how a scuba diver has an encounter with coral that leads to some unusual results.

On this edition of Valley Writers Read, we hear a story by local author David Borofka titled "A Tale Told by Rube Goldberg Begins And Ends with Dogs".  In this story, a young lady's song lyrics propel her to unexpected wealth and success. 

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On this edition of Valley Writers Read, we hear a reading of Mary Benton's short story "The Grape Fields." In this Dust Bowl era story, a family of grape pickers assist in the recovery of a kidnapped boy.

On this week's episode of Valley Writer's Read, hear Benjamin Rae's short story "Disconnect" about a night telephone operator invents a fictitious supervisor to circumvent troublesome calls.

A job in Mexico hosting bird watchers introduces "Bea" to some unsavory characters, on this week's edition of Valley Writers Read, as we hear a reading of Jane Rosenthal's story El Tropical.