Special Projects List

Special projects include equipment & software purchases that the station would like to acquire this year, and have not been included in the operating budget. The operating budget for equipment is minimal and usually is saved for smaller expenses and emergencies. Special projects are funded by members, foundations, and on occasion, community partners. If you are interested in helping support the following purchases, please contact Joe Garcia at 559-862-2472 or via email at jgarcia@kvpr.org.



Most of these 2015 special projects are dedicated to equipment and systems for the new facility. The station anticipates groundbreaking in early 2015 and would like to secure funding for many of these projects. Gifts that partially or fully fund a project are welcome. Thank you for your interest and consideration.

Broadcast Consoles: $20,000/each
The station is looking to purchase three new consoles. These consoles will reduce the amount of electrical expenses/cabling, etc.

Traffic Software: $19,000
This software is responsible for scheduling all on-air announcements, programs, sponsorships, etc.

Enco/DAD computers: $10,750
This hardware enables the station to communicate with the satellite.

Telos Production Telephones: $9,000
The new system will support incoming/outgoing calls for Valley Edition and production interviews.

Electroracks: $8,500
Six (6) of the racks are 36” and one (1) is 39” for the server. They will support the cabling and equipment in the Technology Center.

Audio Distribution System: $7,000
This will enable those present in the building to listen to the station.

Surveillance Cameras: $5,000
The system will help with security for the new facility.

Fixtures: $3,500 ($875/ea)
Toilets for both the men’s and women’s restrooms in the new facility. These are wall units that last longer than traditional toilets. They are easier to clean and use less water.

Full Alarm System: $1,700

CD Players (2): $1,500
Broadcast quality CD players for on-air use in Master Control.