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Protect My Public Media!

UPDATE: Over 223,000 advocates have signed the petition to Congress to support continued public media funding.  Since the release of the Administration’s budget proposing elimination of public broadcasting’s funding support, the petition effort has produced more than 935,000 unique visitors to Protect My Public Media to learn more about the significance of the federal investment in public media.

Thank you for being an FM89 listener and supporter.

A short time ago, President Trump presented a budget that would eliminate funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which provides Valley Public Radio with $200,000 in funding annually. This is obviously a disturbing development for everyone who counts on public radio stations like FM89. We are confident in the service we make available to listeners and your commitment to public broadcasting.

Consider these facts:

  • 41 million people listen to public radio stations across the country
  • Federal funding for public radio is less than $0.30 per year per citizen.
  • NPR was voted the most "trusted" and "loved" news brand.      
  • The overall cost to fund CPB is 0.01% of the entire federal budget.

In an era where newspapers and other news sources struggle to stay afloat, you’ve relied on the vital services that stations like us provide, particularly in rural and under-resourced communities. While we remain on solid financial footing today, thanks in large part to you, the future is never guaranteed. CPB acts as a critical lifeline in providing stations with the funding they need to leverage local fundraising.

Ultimately, Congress will decide on the budget, and we are hopeful they will protect public media. Here’s how you can help:

·         Contact your Senator or Congressperson and tell them you support CPB funding and rely on Valley Public Radio.

·         Make a financial contribution and urge others to do the same.

·         Sign the online petition at in support of public media.

Millions of Americans depend on their local public radio stations for the fact-based, public service journalism they need to stay informed about the news in their communities and the world. In these politically charged times, we need your support to ensure public media’s future is preserved for generations to come.