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Are you a curious and imaginative listener, interested in fresh approaches to old problems and new ways to teach and learn? Each episode of TED Radio Hour includes excerpts from the renowned TED stage, where some of the world's deepest thinkers and innovators are invited to give the 18-minute talk of their lives. New host Guy Raz interviews the guests, delving deeper, dissecting the speaker's ideas, and posing probing questions you'd like to hear answered. 

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TED Radio Hour
8:08 am
Fri June 29, 2012

Is Foreign Aid Harming Africa?

"Most of the rich countries are attracted to Africa's poverty rather than its wealth. And in the process they end up subsidizing our failures, rather than rewarding our accomplishments." — Andrew Mwenda
Andrew Heavens TED

Part 3 of TED Radio Hour episode Africa: The Next Chapter. You can watch Andrew Mwenda's full Ted Talk, A New Look At Africa, at TED.com.

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