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Every week on In the Mode, listeners travel back in time to the Renaissance and medieval eras to hear early music performed on with attention to authenticity. Host and producer of In the Mode, Kristina Herrick, has been involved in the performance and research of "ancient music" since the 1980s, and each week  shares with listeners some of the most exciting recorded performances of early music, often including folk and modern music as it can be related to the ancient forms.

Sweelinck, his sources and his influence is the name of the collection of organ music that is featured next time on In the Mode. Incredibly, no keyboard manuscripts of Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck survive, but the good news is that the many young German organists who visited Amsterdam to study with Sweelinck held such a high opinion of their master’s work, that it was spread all over Europe by them. We’ll hear organist Bernard Winsemius perform. CD TITLE: Psalmi ad Vesperas (1694) PERFORMER: Houston Chamber Choir CD: MSR 1437

On this edition of In the Mode, we will hear music by Bolognese composer Giovanni Paolo Colonna. He lived from 1637 to 1695 and was maestro de cappella at the church of San Petronio in Bologna for the last 20 years of his life where he wrote masses, motets and psalms for performance there, he was also an organist and organ builder.  We’ll hear the Houston Chamber Choir and orchestra perform his setting of psalm 126 Nisi Dominus and a Magnificat Robert Simpson conducts. 

CD TITLE: Psalmi ad Vesperas (1694) PERFORMER: Houston Chamber Choir CD: MSR 1437 

The Dufay Collective

Cancionero, Music for the Spanish Court 1470-1520 is the name of the collection of music recorded by the ensemble The Dufay Collective and next time on In the Mode we’ll hear villancicos, romances, canciones,  dances and and some foreign songs too including some Italian frottola, music that would have been heard at the court of Ferdinand and Isabella.  I’m Kristina Herrick, hoping you’ll come to medieval Spain with me, Sunday at 12:06. CD Title: Cancionero Performer: The Dufay Collective CD label: Avie 0005

Next time on  In the Mode music by Philippe Verdelot, performed by the English Ensemble Alamire, led by David Skinner. Verdelot was an important composer of Italian madrigals in the early 16th century, He was French, but held several important posts in Italy. In the mid 1520s a set of part-books were assembled in Florence, probably under Verdelot's supervision, for the court of Henry VIII. We’ll hear the first recording of some of those madrigals. CD Title: Philippe Verdelot, Madrigals for a Tudor KingPerformer: AlamireCD label: OBSIDIAN 703   

This week the English ensemble “Alamire”, directed by David Skinner will again be featured on In the Mode, this time with music by Josquin. Skinner writes that Josquin Desprez is widely recognized as the greatest of the Renaissance master musicians who became and iconic figure whose art captivated musicians and scholars for centuries. We’ll hear some of his earliest chansons and motets.

The next three programs of In the Mode will feature the English ensemble Alamire directed by Fresno native, David Skinner, now an early music scholar in England, who graduated from McLane High School and from CSUF.  He then moved to the UK,  getting his masters in music from Edinburgh University and in 1995 gained his doctorate from Oxford, and now researches and reconstructs early music where parts have been lost.

Il Poverello - the little poor one - was the name given to Francis of Assisi, who had such influence in his lifetime that he was canonized only two years after his death in 1228. He didn’t start out poor, his father was a wealthy merchant and as a young man, Francis led a worldly carefree life, was not always a good boy.  He is the patron saint of animals and in 1980 Pope John Paul II made him saint of ecologists, his statue is in many gardens today.  

This week on In the Mode, we’ll hear some elegant melancholy, Dowland’s Lachrimae. There was a time when it was fashionable to be sad, there was even the cult of melancholy.  In 1604, Dowland published a collection called “Lachrimae or Seven Teares”, based on his song Flow My Tears, performed on violas da gamba by Jordi Savall and Hesperion XX.  

In The Mode: May 12, 2013

May 12, 2013

This week on In The Mode, host Kristina Herrick features a tribute to Spanish soprano Montserrat Figueras, who died in 2011, next time on In the Mode.  Her husband, and musical partner and collaborator for 43 years, gambist Jordi Savall has gathered highlights from her career as a recording artist into a comprehensive double album and called it, "The Voice of Emotion."

This week on In The Mode, host Kristina Herrick features music from Llibre Vermell, the Red Book of Montserrat. This was music written for a very specific reason. The monastery at Monserrat had nowhere for the travelers to stay so they slept in the church itself. Not wanting to risk turning their church into a place where vulgar songs might be sung, the monks there wrote music that combined both the sound and feel of popular medieval Spanish music with the lessons of the church, really interesting music, Kristina Herrick hosts.

  This week on In the Mode, host Kristina Herrick features music from a recording titled "Luys de Narváez: Musica del Delphin" performed by guitarist Pablo Márquez. (ECM New Series 1958)

On this edition of In the Mode, we feature music by the composer Alexander Agricola (1456-1506) performed by the ensemble Fretwork with Michael Chance, countertenor. It comes from the CD "Agricola Chansons" (harmonia mundi 907421).

On this edition of In the Mode, FM89 host Kristina Herrick explores the recording Missa mater Patris & Magnificat and Motets by the group Chanticleer. The recording features the works of Josquin Desprez and Alexander Agricola. 

This week on Valley Public Radio's In the Mode, host Kristina Herrick brings us selections from two recordings featuring the music of the Franco-Flemish composer Josquin Desprez.

Featured Recordings: 


Motets et Chansons - The Hilliard Ensemble - EMI 749209

Adieu, mes amours, Chansons  -  Ensemble Clement Janequin  - harmonia mundi 1951279