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Visalia's Kaweah Delta Medical Center Fined Twice By State

Dec 20, 2012

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued 12 administrative penalties to hospitals throughout the state, including two at Visalia's Kaweah Delta Medical Center. The hospitals were cited for failing to follow established procedures that resulted in serious injury or death, or had the potential to. 

The hospital was penalized for two separate cases. One fine, for $50,000 was levied after a maternity patient died due to bleeding following what was termed a "routine" delivery in 2010. CDPH said the  hospital failed to follow "established maternity care policies and procedures" in caring for the patient. 

Kaweah Delta's second penalty and fine of $75,000 came in the case of a patient who died following an  operation. In that case a report by CDPH says the hospital didn't follow "established policies and procedures related to patient assessment." 

In all, CDPH issued 12 penalties to 10 different California hospitals, with total fines of $785,000. Hospitals are fined $25,000 for their first violation, $75,000 for their second violation, and $100,000 for their third violation. Hospitals are also required to develop a corrective plan to prevent future incidents.