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On Valley Edition: Prison Realignment; Sewage Sludge; Veterans Stories

Nov 8, 2011

This week on Valley Edition we talk about the state's new prison "realignment" plan and also efforts to amend California's 3 Strikes law. We also learn more about the on-going saga of sewage sludge from Southern California that is being trucked to Kern County and spread on area farmland. 

Segment 1: Prison Realignment & 3 Strikes
Last month, the State of California began its experiment in shifting inmates from state prisons to local county jails. Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims joins host Juanita Stevenson to talk about what impact this move has had on the Fresno County Jail, where reopened a previously closed floor was reopened to house the influx of prisoners, but still regularly releases inmates early. We also examine California’s approach to incarceration, with the father of California’s "Three Strikes" law, Mike Reynolds, and Dr. Mark Kleiman, a professor of public policy at UCLA.

Segment 2: Kern County Sewage Sludge Battle
For years, the residents of Kern County have been trying to stop a practice by which Los Angeles sends treated sewage sludge to Kern County, to be spread on San Joaquin Valley farmland. Now, the effort is drawing new attention as the case makes its way through the state’s court system. Should Kern County voters have their way and stop the controversial procedure, or does state law take precedence, as Los Angeles contends? Former State Senator Dean Florez of Shafter, and Mark Nations, Chief Deputy Council for the County of Kern join host Juanita Stevenson, to talk about what’s next in this long saga.

Segment 3: Stories of Veterans
In honor of Veterans Day, we look at an effort at Fresno State to document the stories of area veterans. Professor Gary Rice, who founded the Central California War Veterans Oral History Project, joins us, as well as two of his students, Chelsea Cushing and Keeylon Hanlon to talk about their work.