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On Valley Edition: Obesity in the Valley; Women's Equality

Aug 23, 2011

This week on Valley Edition we talk about the obesity epidemic that plauges so many in the Central Valley. We also learn about a new program designed to prevent obesity, called Healthy Eating Active Living, and talk about the issue of women's equality.

Segment 1: Obesity Education / Women's Equality
Last month, new data came out ranking California as the 12th skinniest state in the union. But, you wouldn't know it living in the San Joaquin Valley, where one in three people is obese and therefore at risk for a slew of diseases, including diabetes, heart attack and early death. In her first story in this series, reporter Lauren Whaley profiled an obese 15-year-old and his attempts to get healthy. In this second story, we follow a nutrition educator who's been teaching parents across Fresno County how to eat right and who learns a few things herself along the way. Later in the program, host Juanita Stevenson talks with Carrie Swidecki, an obesity advocate and Bakersfield teacher about her personal struggle with this issue.

Segment 2: Healthy Eating Active Living
Dr. Yvonne Juarez MD, Chief of Pediatrics at Kaiser Permanente Fresno and Janette Garcia, a Nutritionist and Chronic Disease Manager at the Daren M. Camerena Health Clinic in Madera, join Juanita Stevenson to talk about a new program called Healthy Eating Active Living. The three-year long effort aims to help Madera residents eat healthier and exercise more, and avoid the serious health consequences of obesity. Sara Bosse, from the Family Nutrition Education Program at the UC Davis Cooperative Extension also joins the conversation to talk about the recent proposals to change local school lunch menus to help fight childhood obesity.

Segment 3: Women's Equality
Professor Diane Blair of Fresno State joins Juanita Stevenson to talk about women’s rights, and National Women's Equality Day, which takes place on this year on August 26th.