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On Valley Edition: Madera & the Affordable Care Act; Fresno County Probation; Good Company Players

The Company we keep details the past 40 years of acting under the Fresno based group The Good Company Players.
Credit Fresno Bee / Fresno Bee

This week on Valley Edition FM89 reporter Rebecca Plevin examines how Madera County's only federally qualified health center is gearing up for Obamacare. Also on the program host Joe Moore speaks with Rick Chavez, the Fresno County Chief Probation Officer to replace Linda Penner come August. 

Ending the show Joe Moore interviews Dan Pessano, founder of Good Company Players, and Donald Munro, of the Fresno Bee, about the eBook "The Company We Keep" authored by Munro. 

Guests in this week's program

Probation - David Chavez, Fresno County Chief Probation Officer 

The Good Company Players- Dan Pessano, Founder of the Good Company Players

The Good Company Players - Donald MunroFresno Bee (@DonaldBeeArts)