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On Valley Edition: Immigration reform; foster youth; Stone Fruit Jubilee

Jun 19, 2012

This week on Valley Edition, we talk about President Obama's new immigration policy, including an interview with Adriana Sanchez, a recent graduate of Fresno State who has been an advocate for the DREAM Act. We also talk with a young Fresno resident and former foster youth who will be one of 30 people participating in an international conference on foster care. And we close the program with a preview of this year's Stone Fruit Jubilee taking place this weekend in Clovis.

Valley Edition for June 19, 2012

Segment 1: Immigration
Last week President Obama announced an executive order that will allow persons under 30 who entered the country illegally, often as young children accompanied by their parents, to remain in the United States, without risk of deportation. The order targets a group of around 800,000 immigrants who also helped inspire the DREAM Act, which failed to become law. On this Valley Edition, we talk with one young woman from Fresno, Adriana Sanchez, who would be personally affected by the President’s announcement, and learn what she thinks this new policy will do for others like her. We also talk with Jon Feere from the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington DC based group that advocates for stricter immigration laws and opposes the President’s new policy.

Segment 2: Foster Youth
Later this month, the International Summit of Youth in Care will bring together 60 young adults and experts on alternative care settings from across the world to develop ideas to help improve the lives of foster youth. Fresno’s Richard Alonso, a former foster youth, and one of the 30 young adults participating in the conference will join us to talk about his story and what he’s doing to help other children.

Segment 3: Stone Fruit Jubilee
This weekend, the Valley’s harvest of peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots will be on full display at the annual Stone Fruit Jubilee in Clovis. Tara Hamilton joins us to talk about this year’s event which celebrates the Valley’s many varieties of organic fruit grown in eastern Fresno County.