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On Valley Edition: Immigration; Doctor Shortage; Camp to Campus Documentary

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In this week's Valley Edition, 89.3's Rebecca Plevin shares the story of Pablo Reyes-Morales, a West Hills College Student, Lemoore. Morales counts himself among the ranks of the 'Dream Army' – or, young, undocumented people who would qualify for the federal DREAM ACT, if it were passed - and are currently barred from serving in the U.S. military. Plevin's piece unfolds a conversation on immigration with Valley Edition's Juanita Stevenson, California State University, Fresno Political Science Professor Kenneth Hansen and Xavier Vazquez, an undocumented Fresno State student who also is part of the Central Valley Dream Team. 

In the second portion of the program we talk about the ever increasing doctor shortage sprawling across the Central Valley. We speak with Emily Bazar, a reporter with the Center for Health Reporting at the University of Southern California, who wrote a four part series for the Bakersfield Californian delving into the looming doctor shortage that may hit the region when Obamacare comes into effect in 2014. Debbie Wood, coordinator for School Health and Neighborhood Support programs for the Bakersfield City School District, also joins the conversation. 

 Also in the second segment = Valley Public Radio's Ezra Romero tells the story of Rene and Veronica Ramirez who grew up, studied and now practice medicine in the Valley. The couple encountered the same challenges that many from rural communities face, but were successful at overcoming those obstacles. They credit a program at a local university as a major component to their success as physicians. With the Valley facing a looming shortage of doctors their story suggests a way to grow the number physicians in the region.  

And finally, we speak with Marit MacArthur, project director for the documentary 'Camp to Campus' and a professor at California State University, Bakersfield. The 90-minute film focuses on first-generation college graduates who come from a migrant labor background.

The 'Camp to Campus' documentary will premiere at 7 p.m., Tuesday, February 5, 2013, in the Dore Theatre at CSU Bakersfield. For more information visit