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On Valley Edition: Homeless; 3 Strikes Law; 'The Worst Hard Time'; Homegrown Book Club

Nov 19, 2013

This week on Valley Edition we discuss the issues of homelessness, prisons and a new book about the legacy of the Dust Bowl.

Valley Public Radio Reporter Rebecca Plevin tells the story of how two women evicted from a Fresno homeless encampment chose entirely different homes after eviction - one an eco-home and the other a field.

Also on the program Valley Edition Host Joe Moore speaks with San Francisco based reporter Michael Montgomery about his piece on California's three strikes sentencing law. 

Moore also speaks with journalist Timothy Egan about his book “The Worst Hard Time,” which won the 2006 American Book Award.  Egan will speak in Fresno on Wednesday morning, as part of the San Joaquin Valley Town Hall Lecture Series.

Ending the program, Moore and FM89 Reporter Rebecca Plevin discuss the next book in Valley Public Radio’s ‘Homegrown’ book club. ‘What You See In The Dark’ is authored by Dinuba native Manuel Munoz. We will discuss the book during Valley Edition on December 3. Plevin will speak with Munoz about his book. We encourage listeners to share their questions and comments about the novel.

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