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On Valley Edition: Fresno Animal Shelter; Boomerang Project

Apr 3, 2012

This week on Valley Edition we talk about how the City of Fresno plans to move ahead with providing animal control services after the surprise announcement by the Central California SPCA that they are abandoning their contract with the city and county later this year. We'll also learn more about a new project from Creative Fresno which aims to lure talented and successful creative professionals back to their hometown.

Segment 1: Animal shelter
After months of controversy, the Central California SPCA announced last week that it would no longer provide animal control services for the city and county of Fresno. The move comes after weeks of controversy and criticism from animal welfare advocates over the shelter's "kill rate" and lack of public access to board meetings. Now the county and city have just six months to find a new shelter and service provider.

On this segment of Valley Edition, we talk with council member Clint Olivier about how the city moves ahead while still trying to reduce the percentage of animals that are euthanized every year. We also talk with Becky Holly of Fresno Bully Rescue a local animal welfare group that has been advocating for change in Fresno's shelter policies. Our conversation also extends to other Valley counties, as guest Kristen Gross, Animal Services Director for Madera County joins the discussion and shares their experience.

Segment 2: Boomerang Project
While unemployment remains high throughout the Valley, one local organization is working to try bring workers back to the Fresno area, through Creative Fresno's "Boomerang Project." The effort aims to attract former Valley residents who have gone on to successful careers elsewhere to move back to their hometown. Joe Denham, from Denham Resources and a member of Creative Fresno, joins us to talk about the project and the Fresnopolis website.