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On Valley Edition: Binge Drinking on Campus: Hantavirus Outbreak In Yosemite

Sep 4, 2012

On Sunday, 18 year old Fresno State freshman Philip Dhanens of Bakersfield died after spending a night drinking at an off-campus fraternity house. The university has since suspended the Theta Chi fraternity, and the Fresno Police Department is investigating the death. In 2006, Fresno State suspended the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity for five years after the death of 19 year old former student Danny Daniels. Binge drinking on campus is nothing new, but what steps can a university, parents, friends and student organizations take to prevent such tragedies from happening in the future? Fresno State Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Paul Oliaro joins us to talk about how the university is responding to this most recent tragedy, and Ralph Blackman, President and CEO of the non-profit group Century Council joins us to talk about teen drinking.

Also on this week's program, we talk about the recent hantavirus outbreak in Yosemite with Dr. Vicki Kramer of the California Department of Public Health and Dr. Dee Lacy, an infectious disease expert with Kaiser Permanente in Fresno.  Now that up to 10,000 individuals may have been exposed to this rare but deadly virus, what can Yosemite visitors do to protect their health? We ask those questions and learn more about the disease, why its so deadly, and its symptoms.