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On Valley Edition: Big Ice Cream; Measure G; Fresno's Poet Laureate; Jobs; Kern County Nut Festival

Jun 11, 2013

Credit Kern County Nut Festival

This week on Valley Edition we take a journey across the region to highlight what matters to the those who live in Central California. Valley Public Radio's Ezra Romero reports on how the region is a major player when it comes to ice cream production. Valley Edition host Joe Moore interviews Jeff Cummings from Fresno State about Fresno's Measure G. Moore also speaks with Fresno's new poet laureate and a director from the Kern County Nut Festival.

Guests in this week's program

Measure G - Jeffrey Cummins, Political Scientist at California State University, Fresno

Poet Laureate - James TynerFresno Poet Laureate 

California Jobs - Michael Bernick, Zocalo Pubic Square 

Kern County Nut Festival Beth Pandol, co-chair of the Kern County Nut Festival