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Tentative Contract Reached Between CSU And Faculty

Jul 31, 2012

California State University and its faculty union have reached a tentative agreement on a four-year contract.

Professors, counselors and other members of the California Faculty Association won’t be getting raises. But if the state-funded university system somehow gets an influx of cash, there’s an option to re-open salary talks. Claudia Keith is with C-S-U:

“Essentially, the tentative agreement calls for no salary increases for the first two years with the opportunities to re-open in the last two years of the contract.”

The deal will likely avert strikes threatened for the fall. But faculty union President Lillian Taiz isn’t making any promises.

“Difficult to predict what faculty will be doing. But I think people are happy that we have, in the end, gotten a fair contract that gives us some modest improvements.”

Among other things, the agreement preserves job stability provisions for lecturers and expands parental leave policies.