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State budget suspends Brown Act provisions

Jul 16, 2012

Local government boards in California are no longer required to post agendas or disclose decisions made in closed sessions. As Amy Quinton reports from Sacramento, the legislature suspended those provisions of the state’s public meeting law in the budget passed last month.

Under the law known as the Brown Act, cities, counties and school districts must post public meeting agendas and disclose closed session decisions. The state is supposed to pay for those expenses… but the budget adopted last month suspends those provisions for three years to save the state 96-million dollars. Eva Spiegel is with the League of California Cities:

”The suspension of those provisions in the Brown Act isn’t necessarily a surprise to the League of California Cities, because those provisions have not been funded in the last few budget years.”

Some cities may continue to follow the law, regardless of the suspension. Spiegel says the League will hold a meeting this week to decide what recommendations to give cities.