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Solar Sets Records for Power Production in California

Sep 6, 2012

The operator of California’s power grid says a single-day record amount of energy was harvested from the sun not once, but twice in the past month.   The California Independent System Operator (Cal ISO)  reports solar production exceeded the one-gigawatt plateau twice in August.  Stephanie McCorkle with Cal ISO says higher production coincides with decreasing costs. “It’s just like with any of these breakthrough technologies, whether it’s cell phones or, in fact, I can remember when calculators came down in the cost the more they were produced and sold. So we’re seeing that happen in particular photovoltaic technology has really come down in cost.” California has the most ambitious green power goals in the country, 33 percent by 2020.   Cal ISO reported Wednesday that utilities in the state are on track to meet that goal.  Twenty percent of the power produced so far this year have come from the green sector.