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Singer-Songwriter Laura Veirs Greets The Sun

Jul 29, 2013
Originally published on July 29, 2013 1:10 pm

Each week NPR Music writer and editor Stephen Thompson brings Here & Now something new to listen to.

This week he introduces us to Portland-based singer-songwriter Laura Veirs’ “Sun Song” from her new album “Warp And Weft.”

Veirs created the album with her husband, producer Tucker Martine. Thompson says this track captures the characteristic lilt of her music.

“There’s a real timeless, ageless sweetness to the way she sings,” he said.


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But anyway, each week, NPR music writer and editor Stephen Thompson brings us something new to listen to. And, Stephen, this week, you've got something sort of seasonal for us.

STEPHEN THOMPSON, BYLINE: It's getting on toward late summer, so the novelty of the heat has worn off a little bit. But I've got a beautiful - actually, a beginning of summer tune called "Sun Song" by a singer named Laura Veirs. It's the first song on her new album called "Warp and Weft," and it's very bright and rich and pretty. She actually made it with her husband who is a famous producer named Tucker Martine. This piece perfectly captures the lilt to her music.

HOBSON: All right. Well, let's hear a little bit of "Sun Song."


LAURA VEIRS: (Singing) First rays of light are coming through. Been seven months since I saw that much blue. Water rushing in the banks. Freed from the ice, it has the sun, the sun to thank.

THOMPSON: So Laura Veirs is a relatively new mom. The album she made before "Warp and Weft" is a children's record called "Tumble Bee." She's got a really timeless, ageless, sweetness in way that she sings. I actually feel like - I mean, I feel like the kid is lucky. My kids would not want to hear me sing.

HOBSON: And there's a special guest on "Sun Song."

THOMPSON: Yeah. Neko Case pops in on backing vocals and even trades lead vocals in one really lovely verse. As far as I'm concerned, every song could have Neko Case on it, and I'd be happy. I don't care if it's like "Whoomp There It Is" with special guest, Neko Case.


HOBSON: We'll wait for that one.

THOMPSON: I'll - I will listen to it.


VEIRS: (Singing) Shadows fall behind me, shining never sleep. Till it'll be what I'm asking, no regret. That you pin the arrows in the wheel. Sun, the sun to thank.

HOBSON: That is "Sun Song" from an album called "Warp and Weft" by singer Laura Veirs. It's out August 20th. Stephen Thompson, from NPR Music, thank you so much as always.

THOMPSON: Thank you, Jeremy.


VEIRS: (singing) We've got the sun, the sun to thank.

HOBSON: And from NPR and WBUR Boston, I'm Jeremy Hobson.


I'm Robin Young. It's HERE AND NOW. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.