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Senator Harris Makes First Central Valley Stop Since Taking Office

Jul 5, 2017

California’s newest US Senator Kamala Harris swung through the valley Wednesday taking time to hear from farmers about what they want out of Washington D.C.

Access to water and the need for comprehensive immigration reform topped the worries of the growers and local elected officials who met with Senator Harris at a packing house south of Fresno.

Meeting in what is largely seen as a stronghold of support for President Donald Trump, the Democratic Senator extended a bipartisan olive branch saying she is interested in working with Republicans to get things done.

“There is an environment right now that is thriving off of tension. And it gets a lot of attention. Instead of the work that is happening, that is productive and collaborative,” Harris says.

Multiple farmers urged the Senator to support the proposed Temperance Flat Dam project which could be used for extra water storage to help valley farms when the next drought hits.

Without making any promises, Harris agreed about the need for improved infrastructure and help for undocumented workers. She also responded to the proposed Senate health care bill by saying she is looking for support for fixing the Affordable Care Act rather than repealing it.

In addition to meeting with farmers, Harris also visited a Fresno-based women’s shelter.