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Pension Deal Nears; Unions Furious

Aug 27, 2012

A proposed overhaul of California’s pension system is angering public employee unions, as Democrats get set to unveil the details. The specific details are being kept as quiet as can be, but all signs point to a deal emerging by Tuesday at the California State Capitol. 

Democrats are promising “comprehensive pension reform” that will save tens of billions of dollars over the next few decades. Assemblyman Warren Furutani says the deal won’t please everyone.

“Some folks that are out there that are just straight anti-pension, we’re never gonna satisfy them. The unions are gonna have to look at reality in terms of what’s going to exist for the future for them," said Furtani. “I’m just kind of pissed off.”

SEIU’s Terry Brennand calls the proposal one of the largest rollbacks of pension benefits in California history. “The fact that in certain instances here they’re going to allow unilateral implementation – they’re going to do away with collective bargaining – is offensive to all of my workers and is going to anger them immensely.”

A vote is expected on Friday.