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New Yosemite Hantavirus Infections, Death Reported

Aug 28, 2012

Credit Joe Moore / Valley Public Radio

Officials at Yosemite National Park have announced that a second person has died after contracting hantavirus during a park visit, and another is likely sick from the disease.  Earlier this month, two other people were diagnosed with the rare pulmonary disease and one died from the illness.

Officials believe the individuals contracted the disease while staying at tent cabins at Yosemite's Curry Village. The disease is spread through contact with the feces or urine of infected deer mice. Symptoms usually appear about six weeks after exposure to the infected rodents.

Yosemite officials are in the process of contacting people who stayed at the "Signature Tent Cabins" at Curry Village between mid-June and the end of August. Those individuals are being advised to seek medical attention if they experience symptoms of the disease, which include fever, fatigue and muscle aches. 

The Park Service has established a hotline for individuals with concerns and questions about the disease. The number is (209) 372-0822.