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Molly Munger Criticizes California Governor Jerry Brown's Tax Measure

Sep 24, 2012

Proposition 38 proponent Molly Munger says California Governor Jerry Brown’s tax initiative doesn’t do enough for schools. But she also says she understands if voters cast their ballots for both measures.

Munger’s Proposition 38 would generate about 10 billion dollars annually for schools by taxing all but the poorest Californians. The Governor’s tax initiative, Proposition 30, raises about $6 billion a year primarily by taxing the wealthy, and through a sales tax increase.

If Brown’s fails, it would trigger more than five billion dollars in cuts to schools and community colleges. In an interview with Capital Public Radio, Munger called Brown’s emphasis on those cuts a political move designed to scare people.

“The Governor’s tax measure doesn’t actually contain new money for schools, oh a tiny amount. I think it doesn’t even deserve the description of bandaid because it’s just so small it isn’t even that.”

Munger has personally donated $28 million to the Yes on 38 Campaign – including eight million just last week.