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In the Mode: March 23, 2014

Mar 23, 2014

This week we will hear music played on an instrument that developed from the vihuela or Spanish guitar, it has 6 strings and frets, but is bowed, and held by the legs, someone called it a bowed guitar, we’ll explore the sound of the viola da gamba. CD Title                                             PERFORMER                       CD label Lawdes Deo                                        Hesperion XX                         ASTREE 8708 Odhecaton                                           Fretwork                                 HARMONIA MUNDI 907291 Four Seasons                                      Les Voix Humaines                ATMA ACD2 2182 William Lawes                                   Phantasm                                CHANNEL CLASSICS 15698 Henry Purcell                                     Fretwork                                 VIRGIN VERITAS 54506